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We offer many services that make up your smart home. We have displayed below some of the services that we offer, including lighting, home cinema, security & more. If you cannot find the smart equipment you’re looking for be sure to contact us!

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Smart Lighting

Home Cinema


Home Networking



From a discrete soundbar beneath your TV to a full-blown Dolby Atmos cinema room with smart lighting, sound-proofing and dedicated cinema seating, we’ll transport you straight into the middle of the movie action.

  • 100% Wire-Free – Free of power cords
  • HD Video – Enjoy sharp, detailed video
  • Rechargeable – Long lasting batteries.
  • Quick Charging – Get fast battery charging
  • 2-way Audio – Listen in or talk back.


What ever smart home device you need we will do our best to provide it for you. If you cant find what you need on our website don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can still offer a service for you.

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Smart lighting systems let you create the perfect ambience every time.  Control any light or group of lights in any room, or across the whole house with a single button press, or simple voice command.  Make your home look occupied when no-one is there, or have your lighting respond automatically to the way you live.

  • App Control
  • IOT (Internet of Things)
  • System Integration
  • Legacy Systems


We aim to make your new smart home installation as simple and easy as possible. We plan out your new install and a completion date. We then get to work installing your new smart system ready for the completion date. Finally we train you up on your new system.

Step 1
Plan a time scale of your new system installation.
Step 2
Start installing your new smart home system.
Step 3
Double check all your new install and train you how to use it!


Lock all your doors and lower all the shades with the touch of a single button, or a simple voice command when you go to bed at night. See who’s at the door and hold a two-way audio conversation before deciding whether to let them in. View your CCTV cameras from any touch screen or TV when you’re in the house, or on your phone/tablet from wherever you are. Receive a reminder by email or text if you’ve left a window or door open, or be notified when the kids get home from school, so you know that they are safe. Set temporary access codes for visiting trades, or see and speak to your delivery drivers, even when you’re not at home.